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Should you buy a house in the Alpilles, Luberon or Drôme Provençale?

As the summer vacations get underway, Provence, and more particularly the Luberon, Alpilles and Drôme provençale, are being snapped up by holidaymakers, whether seasonal renters or second-home owners.

For many years now, these 3 regions have been attracting buyers in search of tranquillity, sunshine and the flavours of Provence. The real estate market is structurally dynamic, with buyers coming from both France and abroad (50/50).

But even though they border each other, each represents a real estate market in its own right, where buyer profiles (or portfolios) are not always the same:

- The Alpilles, south of Avignon, has attracted many Parisians since the opening of the TGV line linking Paris to Marseille in 2001. Just 30 minutes from Avignon's TGV station, Eygalières is so sought-after that prices average €8,500/m² for a house.

- The Luberon is further from Avignon station, but also attracts a wide range of customers looking for more nature and less mistral. The famous Golden Triangle, symbolized by Gordes (50 minutes from the TGV), attracts the highest demand, with houses averaging €7,000/m².

- The Drôme Provençale is still less well known, although it has similar characteristics, with its stone farmhouses, lavender fields and sunshine. Located 30 minutes from the Montelimar TGV station, Grignan attracts many tourists, and house prices are affected (much more slightly than above), averaging €3,700/m².

As we can see, proximity to the TGV remains an important criterion for many homeowners, but telecommuting has changed habits. This can be seen in the marked evolution of Grignan, which is served by a lesser-used station: prices have risen by 30% in 5 years, compared with +20% in Gordes or Eygalières.


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