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Maison secondaire drôme provençale | Provence


The fees are due only at success and are payable at the signature of the authentic deed at the notary. They are proportional to the value of the property sought and include VAT (see table).

If the transaction is carried out with a professional, we adapt our sales policy according to the partner agency holding the sales mandate:

  • If the agency accepts commission sharing (inter-agency), we waive our hunter's fees.

  • If the agency does not agree to commission sharing, we apply half our fees (1.5% instead of 3%), with a minimum of €9,000.

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Monitoring of works and administration


If you wish to finalize your installation or optimize the rental of your property from home, Edouard Kuhn offers you personalized follow-up once the purchase has been made:

  • Monitoring of development work (renovation, decoration, furnishing)

  • Implementation of the main contracts (water, gas, electricity)

  • Enrollment in public establishments (school, etc.)


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Rental hunting fees amount to one month's HC rent for the property selected - Price inclusive of VAT (20%)


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