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Edouard Kuhn chasseur immobilier Provence | achat maison Drôme provençale | Luberon

When I bought my first apartment, from abroad, I noticed that the real estate market is turned towards the seller: as a buyer, you are accompanied only by your notary once the property has been found and the offer accepted. In addition, this is a time-consuming research, numerous actors who communicate poorly. All of these factors are exacerbated when you are doing your research remotely and you are short of time.

After 10 years in financial management in France and abroad, I decided to embark on the real estate hunting in 2019. I have always been curious to discover the apartments and houses of relatives, so the project seemed obvious to me when I was reinventing myself. I started in Paris, my birthplace, where I walked the streets for almost 4 years to hunt the perfect place for my clients.

2023 marks a new stage because I am launching my activity in Provence (Drome provençale and Luberon). The region literally seduced me with its magnificent farmhouses and lavender fields and it is located on the Paris-Marseille TGV axis, halfway between the Alps and the Mediterranean coast. It was the logical next step to support my clients in the purchase and management of their second home.

The idea is simple: be the trusted person who understands and represents buyers in their search for a home, with additional expertise and network

I support my clients throughout their real estate project, from the definition of the need to the signature at the notary. They can thus focus on the essentials and save time.


I use my experiences to offer my clients a professional approach of the search for a property and accompany them according to reliable methods: in-depth needs analysis, project management as well as the development of a specialized network to provide suitable solutions.

My clients can count on my proficiency of the market and especially on my love for this region.

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