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How do I choose a reliable property finder in the Luberon?

Property finder in Gordes area


The Luberon, wilder and more private than the Alpilles, has always attracted people looking for Provencal charm. Since the construction of the Avignon TGV station in 2001, the region has attracted a wider range of buyers, including Parisians with excessive spending power.

Today, half the buyers are French and the other half are foreigners (mainly Anglo-Saxons, Belgians and Swiss). Everyone is looking for the peace and quiet and authenticity of Provence, but properties are in short supply and the help of a property finder can be crucial in finding the house of your dreams. Here are a few tips for selecting the ideal property finder to help you in your search.

Why use a property finder in the Luberon?

A tailor-made service

He or she will advise you throughout your search, according to your needs, and will suggest properties that meet your specifications.

Regional knowledge

The property finder knows the specific characteristics of the region, its towns and villages, and will be able to target your requirements as effectively as possible. For example, he'll recommend the village of Joucas if you're looking for a bit of peace and quiet and a southerly exposure, and will concentrate his efforts on Ménerbes if you prefer the coolness of a northerly exposure.

Local expertise

Thanks to our regional presence, you benefit from privileged access to the property market. In a saturated market like the Luberon, you'll be able to see off-market houses. You'll also be able to react quickly to the emergence of new nuggets, so that you don't miss out on any good opportunities.

Finally, his experience enables him to evaluate the houses he visits accurately, so he can buy at the right price.

Criteria for selecting a property finder

Choose a property finder who works in the Provence region. This is particularly important in a second-home market with buyers who, not being local, are unlikely to be familiar with the region in winter or during slack periods.

They need to have a thorough knowledge of the main characteristics of the region and its players, to provide complete access to the market.

For example, they need to be able to distinguish between at least 3 zones:

The Golden Triangle

Bounded by the villages of Bonnieux, Ménerbes and Gordes, this is the most sought-after area, and you need a good budget and a good network to find what you're looking for. There are a number of inimitably charming villages in this area, which are, however, neglected by owners in winter. At the top of the list is Gordes, just 45 minutes by TGV from Avignon.

South of the Massif

Situated 50 minutes from Marseille airport and 40 minutes from beautiful Aix-en-Provence, this region is known for its southern exposure and beautiful villages. Lourmarin, Ansouis and Cucuron are the main attractions for people from Marseille and Aix-en-Provence looking for a second home. Winter activity is slightly more developed here than in the Golden Triangle.

East of Apt

If you're looking for Provencal charm without the excessive prices of the previous 2 areas, this is the region for you. Situated between Apt and Manosque, this is where you'll find some beautiful mas with large plots of land, but it's also further away from the TGV stations and other airports.

How can I check the reliability of a property finder?

Working with a property finder to find a house in the Luberon means opening up personally, sometimes sharing intimate details. So it's vital to work with a serious real estate expert who listens carefully.

Recommendations are still the best way to find a reliable property expert. It creates a very powerful climate of unconscious trust. It can come from someone close to you, a shopkeeper or even an estate agent. If you don't have this network, here are a few things you can do to assess a property finder's credibility:

Asking questions

It's during your first interview that you'll naturally feel whether the finder inspires confidence in you or not. It's essential to have a visual exchange to understand who's in front of you (by videoconference or in person).

A good finder asks lots of questions to understand your needs and what might have motivated them. You should also find out about their history, their life in Provence and their experience to understand their network and their knowledge of the area.

Check references

Start by checking the Google reviews and taking the time to understand them in detail, depending on the profile of the buyers.

It may also be worth contacting former customers for feedback.

Evaluate professional ethics

It all depends on your values, but the more honest and transparent the agent, the more reliable he or she will be. Take the time to reread their mandate and ask all the necessary questions.

Taking on a property finder who belongs to the FCI (Fédération des Chasseurs Immobiliers) is always an extra guarantee of quality and professionalism. To join the FCI, property finders must sign a charter of good practice.

A major ally in your search

Take the time to carry out in-depth research and carefully evaluate the professionals available to make the best choice for your property project. Once you've built up trust, your property finder will be invaluable in helping you to optimise your search for a home in the Luberon.


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