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How do you access the off-market market in Provence?

How to be part of the off-market in Provence
off-market in Provence

It is the stuff of dreams for many buyers, and the buzz is growing all the time. As well as creating a feeling of exclusivity, this confidential market is increasingly sought after in Provence, as it is becoming complicated to find the house of your dreams through traditional channels. But what are we really talking about? How does this market work? And above all, how do you access it?

Definition and operation of the off-market

What is the off-market?

The off-market property market refers to a segment of the market where properties are bought or sold without being officially marketed. Unlike conventional transactions, where properties are generally listed on traditional platforms (SeLoger, LeBonCoin, PAP, etc.), off-market transactions are confidential.

Types of off-market transactions

I like to distinguish between 2 types of off-market: previews and pure off-market. In the first case, the houses are intended to be marketed if they do not find a buyer on the off-market. In the 2nd, they will never be sold. These are mainly rare homes belonging to celebrities who want to keep their privacy.

The off-market market accounts for around 10-15% of transactions.

Where to find off-market properties in Provence

A house sold ‘off-market’ may be offered by an estate agency with a sales mandate, but where the seller wishes to remain discreet. In this case, only those in contact with the agency will be informed.

A private individual can also sell their house off-market by informing their various close circles and/or property finders.

Off-market sales are generally used in tight markets, where there are many buyers but few properties. Because there's a lot of demand, an estate agency can advertise the properties it books directly to its network of potential buyers, without going through the platforms. This is often the first approach before officially marketing the property, to test the price.

Real estate in Provence

Renowned for its Mediterranean climate, cultural heritage and quality of life, Provence attracts local residents, national and international investors and tourists alike. All the boxes have been ticked to define Provence as a tight market where demand is structurally greater than supply.

Many celebrities live here, so they're keen to complete their transactions as anonymously as possible. This makes it a prime area for off-market transactions.

Strategies for accessing the off-market in Provence

The off-market property market relies on networks of private contacts, professional relationships and specialised property players to enable buyers and sellers to connect discreetly.

Developing your buyer profile

This is where it all starts: given the exclusive nature of the property, you need to have a good buyer profile to be selected by the seller. An agency selects only its best buyers, who are clear about their criteria and financing, and presents them to the seller. If they don't, they risk losing credibility. If you'd like to find out more about your profile, click here.

Cultivating your estate agency network

Since 70% of transactions are carried out through estate agents, it's important to meet them. At the risk of not being able to visit them all, you need to select the people who are most likely to have a good local network. Once you've made contact, you need to stay on their radar, because you won't be the only one, and you want the agency to think of you when the time is right.

Communicating your plans to buy

If the agencies don't produce any results, you can share your buying plans with people in the area where you're looking (shops, solicitors, hairdressers, wine merchants, etc.). As the list is not exhaustive, I advise you to take your time. As many people as possible need to know about your project and think of you when the time comes.

Use a property finder

To combine the last 2 options, the best thing to do is call on a property finder in the target region. Thanks to their local presence and their profession, they have a network and are in constant contact with the main players (agencies, solicitors, private individuals, etc.). There are more and more private individuals who don't want to market their property for fear of being bombarded with visits. They turn to property finders because they don't have to pay any fees and they are sure to find qualified buyers.

The advantages and disadvantages of the off-market market in Provence

Private and exclusive access

Obviously, if the property is not known to the general public, there are fewer people fighting for it, and very often the first to visit. This is a significant advantage in a tight market like Provence, where properties are in short supply. In fact, this ‘VIP’ positioning is much sought-after by buyers.

Price and negotiation

By definition, a good that does not need the market to sell does not follow the same rules of supply and demand. Prices are therefore higher than on the traditional market.

Many agencies use the off-market as a pre-marketing tool to test the price. If the price is not particularly attractive to potential buyers, it is marketed at a lower price. Negotiating a house off-market is therefore virtually impossible.


Accessing the off-market market in Provence is a real adventure for buyers in search of the exceptional. At a time when demand for property is increasing and traditional options are becoming scarcer, this confidential market offers a glimmer of exclusivity and discretion that is highly prized. A solid buyer profile, close collaboration with local estate agents, and strategic dissemination of your project in the regional circle are all effective strategies. Using a property finder specialising in the Provence region can be the ideal solution, offering both local expertise and privileged access to the market.


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