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How do you choose a reliable property hunter in the Alpilles?

Updated: Mar 26

Les Baux-de-Provence, at the heart of the Alpilles Mountain


Since the Paris-Marseille TGV line was accelerated and the TGV station was built in Avignon in 2001, the property market in the Alpilles has seen strong, steady growth. The region's many attractions have not gone unnoticed: Michel Drucker and Hugh Grant even advertised it indirectly by settling in Eygalières.

Today, buyers come from all over the world to find their dream second home, in search of the authenticity of Provence. But even if you're on a tight budget, finding a house has become complicated, as beautiful properties are rare and the supply is limited. Going through a trusted property expert has become one of the options for finding the house of your dreams in the Alpilles. Here are a few tips for choosing a good, reliable property hunter.

Why use a property hunter in the Alpilles?

The main advantage of working with a property hunter is the personalised support he provides. He advises buyers throughout their search and provides services tailored to their specifications. He does not work for one or more agencies, but for the buyer alone.

The property hunter also brings you considerable local expertise. First of all, they know the specific characteristics of the region, its towns and villages, and will be able to target the best properties for your needs. For example, he will advise against Eygalières for a principal residence and concentrate his efforts on Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, where life is more dynamic all year round.

His regional experience will also give him privileged access to the Alpilles property market, which is saturated with demand. Thanks to his network, he will be able to offer off-market homes and react quickly to the emergence of new nuggets, so as not to miss out on any good opportunities.

Finally, his local expertise enables him to assess the houses he visits accurately, so he can buy at the right price.

Criteria for selecting a property hunter

You need to choose a property hunter who works in the Provence region. This is particularly important in a second-home market with buyers who, not being local, are unlikely to be familiar with the region in winter or during slack periods.

He needs to have a thorough knowledge of the main features of the region and its players, so as to provide full access to the market (including off-market properties).

For example, he needs to be able to distinguish between at least 3 areas:

  • Saint-Rémy-de-provence

Situated just 25 minutes from Avignon TGV station, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is the economic centre of the region, and is a lively place all year round. It has a large number of food shops and a very international population, especially during the summer months.

  • Eygalières

A little further from Avignon (40 minutes), this village is known for its scenery, tranquillity and pretty stone houses. The site and surrounding area are very popular in summer, but much less so in winter.

  • Maussane-les-Alpilles

Surrounded by olive groves, this is the nearest town to the tourist site of Les Baux-de-Provence. With 2 primary schools, life here is more intense than in Eygalières all year round and often represents an alternative to the more urbanised Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

His proximity to the houses to be visited will be an added advantage in terms of being as responsive as possible. This is a region where quality properties are in short supply, and everyone is looking for a Provençal stone farmhouse with a swimming pool, not overlooked and within reasonable walking distance of the shops.

How to check the reliability of a property hunter?

Working with a property hunter to find a house in the Alpilles involves opening up personally, sometimes sharing intimate details. It is therefore essential to work with a reliable property expert.

Generally speaking, it's during your first meeting (ideally by video) that you'll naturally feel whether or not the hunter inspires confidence in you. In advance, here are a few ways of checking a property hunter's credibility:

  • The best way is through recommendations. This creates a very powerful unconscious climate of trust. It can come from someone close to you, a shopkeeper or even an estate agent.

  • Next, it's always a good idea to check Google reviews and understand them in detail.

  • Finally, taking on a property hunter who belongs to the FCI (Fédération des Chasseurs Immobiliers) is always an extra guarantee of quality and professionalism. To join the FCI, property hunters must sign a charter of good practice.


Finding a home in the Alpilles has become complicated, and it is now essential to be accompanied by a property expert. A property hunter is your best option for maximising your chances, as they will work alongside you according to your needs. But he or she must work in the region to provide you with expertise on local features, suggest off-market homes and assess the properties visited. It's during your first meeting (in person or by video) that you'll be able to test their knowledge and find out whether you can entrust them with your search.


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