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The advantages of using a property hunter to find your home

Updated: Mar 26

Beautiful bastide close to the castle of Grignan
Hidden house at Grignan

With the democratization of property hunting, more and more people are wondering whether a hunter can really help them in their search. Of course, I'm not very objective, but some of the answers were at the very origin of my conversion at the time, and I'm even more convinced today.

To be accompanied by a property hunter in your search for a house is to have a professional at your side, and that's what differentiates the hunter from the estate agent: the property hunter works for his client, the buyer, and not the seller (that's the estate agent's job). They don't have a portfolio of properties to sell, they're there for their client, their ally, their personal adviser throughout the search, right up to the signing of the deed at the notary's office.

This is THE reason that encouraged me to work as a hunter rather than an agent: the French property market is seller-oriented (more or less depending on the period, of course). Whereas the buyer invests a colossal amount of money in the purchase of his home, years of debt for some, and nobody advises him until he has an accepted offer.

So here are the advantages of using a professional to help you find your dream home:

Saving time in your house-hunting

We often tend to underestimate the monetary value of our time, but it is more important than we think.

The property hunter does the research for you

In very practical terms, the property hunter will save you a lot of time by studying all the advertisements he receives (internet, agencies, etc.). They activate their network for the off-market (see below), discuss each ad that appears to be suitable, follow up if there is no response, etc. This unseen work is invaluable, because it is at this stage that he digs into each ad to make sure that your criteria are met and to anticipate any surprises that may not have been mentioned. All these filtering elements ensure that you only have access to properties that meet most or (let's be crazy) all the criteria in your specifications.

The hunter saves you unnecessary visits

If, despite all our discussions, there is still some doubt about the noise from the road, the house facing the road, the condition of the house, etc., the property hunter visits the house alone. He will then send you a detailed report so that you can make up your own mind. And when you're not on the spot, that's no mean feat. For my part, I then carry out a video visit with the client so that he only has to go to the property to make an offer (a priori).

Buying your home at the best price

When it comes to making an offer to buy, you can take advantage of our expertise to position yourself as accurately as possible. Thanks to his experience and knowledge of the market, you'll be able to negotiate as much as possible when the house is overpriced, or position yourself at the right price to avoid it passing you by. It's in his interest for you to get the best price, because this is a profession that works mainly by word of mouth, so above all he's looking for a satisfied customer.

If there are several offers at the same price, the property hunter will be able to highlight the strengths of your file so that you are selected. The discussions between hunter and agent are freer and more frank.

Speeding up the house-buying process

Being accompanied by a property hunter speeds up your home-buying project. While many of my clients have already spent months and several visits, they count 46 days between the signing of the mandate and their accepted offer. This is mainly because :

The hunter helps you clarify your specifications

The hunter brings you his knowledge of the market and his experience to help you prioritise your needs and bring them into line with the reality of the market. It's often when the specifications are being defined that there are inconsistencies or misunderstandings that prevent the search from succeeding. The property hunter will help you to identify the sticking points, put your requirements in order and adjust any criteria that may need adjusting.

The property hunter is responsive to your search

As part of their commitment to you, property hunters spot properties as soon as they are published. They are therefore among the first, if not the first, to visit the house.

Off-market access

Thanks to his network, the property hunter gives you privileged access to the market and therefore to ads that are not officially published on digital platforms or in the shop window. This term, which is much overused these days, covers properties that will never be published and those that will, but not immediately. These properties are generally offered at prices higher than the market (otherwise they would be published like the others), but for those who are prepared to make the financial effort, it is an undeniable advantage to find the nugget.

The hunter advises you throughout your purchase

Once your offer has been accepted, the property hunter will help you to identify the points that need attention before you sign at the notary's office. They are even legally obliged to provide you with professional advice throughout the purchase process. All the legal 'details' are reviewed to give you the most complete picture of the house you are about to buy. And when it's a house, these points are very different from those for a shared-ownership flat: you need to know about the PLU (local town-planning plan) of the commune, connections, easements, etc. As you're going to be living in this house for several years, it's in the hunter's interest to avoid as many surprises as possible, at least for the first few months, otherwise he can kiss his recommendations goodbye.

I always send my clients a summary of all the administrative details before they sign the compromis. They're better prepared and fully aware of the specifics.

Access to a complete network of partners

Buying a house brings with it its share of questions, and not just about selecting the rare gem. You may need a broker, a notary, work to be carried out, the property to be let, and so on. By selecting your property hunter, you also gain access to his or her network, which will be able to answer all your questions. The hunter puts his reputation on the line by recommending them to you, so they are partners you can trust.

When to use a hunter?

If you fall into one of the categories below, perhaps you should give me a call to discuss 🙂

  • You don't have time to look and are fed up of waiting to find it (time). The project is becoming too urgent to wait and you're even starting to lose interest in looking at the ads.

  • You don't live in the place you're looking for. It's complicated for you to make yourself available quickly to see the beautiful houses at the right price in time, and it becomes very time-consuming (see point 1), or even very expensive to travel.

  • You've always lived in a flat and this will be your first home. You're afraid of missing out on an essential element that will be with you every day afterwards.

  • You've been looking and visiting for a long time, but all you see are disappointing properties. You have the impression that what you're looking for doesn't exist or that you don't have access to the entire market.

If you know your target region inside out, enjoy searching and visiting and, above all, have the time to do so, then don't go through a property hunter.


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